Today, organizations are required to comply with a growing number of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) standards. Failure to do so can result in severe financial penalties, brand damage and even imprisonment, a key reason why this area is increasingly attracting board level attention and support. However, as most solutions are expensive and have long implementation cycles, organizations are invariably making do with spreadsheets to manage GRC related processes.


A spreadsheet based approach leaves organizations facing multiple challenges:

Administration: Highly skilled compliance and risk personnel relegated to spreadsheet administration, rather than reducing the enterprise’s exposure to risk.

GRC Process Control: A lack of central visibility and ad-hoc management of tasks and project activity makes it difficult to track progress.

Business Intelligence: Difficult to assimilate and analyze data to support business decisions.

Auditing: Insufficient audit trails make it difficult to determine who changed what data and when.


With the GOLDENHORN GRC Platform, process automation no longer needs to be expensive, time consuming or require major business change. All of your organizational process needs can be rapidly implemented using GOLDENHORN‘s process templates, covering many standards and GRC processes, providing the following key benefits:

Simplicity: A clean looking uncomplicated user interface, building on the familiar concept of spreadsheets.

Ease of Adoption: Work with your existing practices with minimal change. Fast Implementation: Jump start your programme with out-of-the-box, best practice process templates.

Affordability: User based pricing, which is conducive to starting small and demonstrating value before wider rollout.