Each decision that is made in your company involves uncertainty and, therefore, entails risks. Yet a risk is not automatically something dangerous. It can also pose an opportunity. Modern systems for risk management address the entire process from identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks to creating informative reports for management. Operational Risk Management, therefore, is an integrative approach that increases the awareness for risks while improving the understanding of them. By implementing an enterprise risk management system, companies can secure their long-term success, reduce the cost of risks, and seize potential opportunities. Carefully managing opportunities and risks is one of the fundamental tasks of executives and management. If it is proven that an individual has not upheld these duties, that person will be held liable and must compensate any damages that have occurred.

Important: Preventive risk management is one of the prime functions of the executive board or managing directors. In the event of culpable breaches, the respective individual is personally liable and must replace the resulting damages.

With GOLDENHORN Operational Risk Management, you can keep your existing methodologies and processes, which you simply model on a professional, integrated software platform. Its holistic approach visualizes relationships between organizational units, their risk owners, processes, risks, evaluations and measures to help eliminate the silo mentality that is still prevalent in many companies today.

GOLDENHORN Operational Risk Management’s advance reporting and dashboard editor empowers business users to create reports from risk2value on their own. This minimizes the dependency on advance BI tools.


  • Build customer-specific evaluation and scoring methods
  • Manage and track all risk activities and records on a central risk journal structure
  • Run different kind of BIA-Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments through customizable ESM-Evaluation and Scoring Model definitions
  • Make qualitative and quantitative risk evaluations
  • Keep an history of all information updates automatically
  • Create standardized reports and integrate custom report tools
  • Adapt the software to your company’s specific needsMinimize administration


  • Gain a complete overview of all risk scores for stakeholders
  • Reduce methodical complexity and focus more on content
  • Simplify assessing and detection through full traceability
  • Design custom reports flexibly
  • Assign owners to key risks associated with processes, services, products and organizational unitsMonitor critical key risks tightly
  • Manage measures and controls using GOLDENHORN SLM engine
  • Maintain existing methods and processes for a fast implementation
  • Model individual dynamic cases for approval processes
  • Minimize implementation times through customization capability
  • Use the modular approach to integrate risk data from compliance management, audit management, internal control management external audit management, business resilience management etc.
  • Ensure consistent results through an integrated and consilience solution


Thanks to the modular configurations of GOLDENHORN Operational Risk Management with different submodules and features:

> Operational Risk Knowledge Management System

> Operational Risk Case Management – Operational Risk Request Fulfillments

> Operational Risk Incident Management – Loss Record Management

> Operational Risk Assessment Planning Management

> Operational Risk Assessment Management

> Operational Risk Assessment – BIA

> Operational Risk Assessment – Process

> Operational Risk Assessment – Product/Service

> Operational Risk Assessment – Investment Projects

> Operational Risk Assessment – Vendors&Suppliers

> Operational Risk Assessment – External Service Provider

> Operational Risk Scoring Engine

> Operational Risk Detection Management

> Operational Risk Performance Management

> Operational Risk Analytics and Reporting