GOLDENHORN is a powerful and comprehensive solution for business process and dynamic case management, which helps organizations to make better-informed decisions about business processes and dynamic cases. It spans the full process lifecycle, from governance, strategy, design, transition ,execution, Increasingly, organizations must make a series of interrelated decisions about innovating and building new capabilities, transforming their existing processes using new delivery environments and sustaining the value they derive from these investments.

GOLDENHORN, the industry-leading business process management software, delivers a rich experience for users, process analysts, process developers, and administrators alike. TAC continues to evolve GOLDENHORN with new functionality and major enhancements in response to the needs of our customers and with a clear understanding of the future of Business Process and Dynamic Case Management. GOLDENHORN BPM provides a comprehensive enterprise-class platform to design, configure, and run the most complex business processes; organizations world-wide in all industries can rely on our technology to manage their mission-critical business processes. GOLDENHORN BPM features an intuitive and powerful visual BPMN designer and a reliable high-performance process engine server. GOLDENHORN BPM also includes enterprise-level capabilities such as business activity/task and metrics monitoring, business dynamic cases and decision management, document management, mobility support, and system integration tools all the features you need and expect in a BPM system, and more.

Having an integrated solution to manage this process provides increased visibility for senior management. It also offers more efficient management of demand for scarce resources, reduces business risk, and improves the alignment of the organization with business goals and objectives. GOLDENHORN has long provided the capabilities to enable close alignment between IT and lines of business providing all of the functionality that businesses need in order to design, deploy, execute, manage and monitor business processes with the goal of creating an organization that is optimized around its core business operations and processes.

Dynamic Case Management (DCM), also known as Dynamic Case Management, is a next-generation of solutions bringing together information, processes and people using a mixed set of controls that are human and system driven.


As technology becomes further integrated into business operations across all sectors, the requirements of IT and business planning become more closely intertwined.

GOLDENHORN provides a comprehensive, integrated set of functionality that draws together all of the information involved in the process lifecycle, and therefore enables a consistent approach to managing transformation programs, projects, improvements, and new product development across the organization. This approach helps the organization to track all forms of demand on finite resources, and to optimize the process improvements to give the maximum value to the business.


GOLDENHORN’s suite of products in the form of packs enables businesses, large and small, to rapidly build business applications that are scalable and web and tablet enabled to support an agile response to their market.

BPM & DCM Modules

BPM – Business Process Management

DCM – Dynamic Case Management

VVM – Validation Verification Management

ESM – Evaluation Scoring Management

WFM – Work Force Management

SLM – Service Level Management

CCM – Collaboration and Content Management